The Space Between – by Walt Mueller

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The Space Between: A Parent’s Guide to Teenage Development by Walt Mueller

CPYU recommends that parents, youth workers, pastors, educators and others involved in the lives of teens all read this book to gain valuable insight into the world of adolescent development.

When you started out as a parent, chances are you felt completely unprepared to deal with the challenges of a child. But at some point in your journey, you’ve probably found yourself feeling confident in your parenting role and abilities. The routine and predictability of your child’s life became manageable and fairly easy to navigate. Now that your child is a teenager (or soon-to-be a teen), you may be feeling overwhelmed at times with fear, confusion, frustration, and a lack of understanding. It almost feels like you’re starting all over with a screaming, needy, and sometimes whiny child (only much taller and with more attitude!).

The changes of adolescence, while normal for every teen, feel completely abnormal to parents of teenagers, often leaving you feeling like a helpless bystander. But you’re not alone and there is hope to help you (and your teen) get through these challenging, changing years.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Walt Mueller has studied adolescents and the culture that surrounds them. His expertise was put to the test when his own children became teenagers. Now he’s bringing wisdom from research and his own experience to help other parents through the tumultous years of adolescence. With empathy and practical tools, this book will help you understand the changes your teen is experiencing, and help you effectively parent them as you explore how to:

  • create a smoother adolescent period for your teen
  • begin to break through the walls of confusion, fear, frustration, and misunderstanding
  • be a positive and proactive bridge-builder into the life and world of your teenager

Regain the confidence you once felt as a parent, and create a parent-teen relationship that helps your teen (and you) get through these change-filled years successfully.

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1 review for The Space Between – by Walt Mueller

  1. vicki

    I have used this resource ever since it came out with my parents in small group ‘book studies’ and to give out as gifts to parents. Every single reader has said it has helped them tremendously!

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