Youth Culture 101 – by Walt Mueller

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Youth Culture 101 by Walt Mueller

Even though we once were teenagers, we’’ll never fully understand them. Times and cultures change, and the world of today’’s teenagers is far different than it was for us. But there’’s hope – —we can understand them better and minister to them more effectively and meaningfully.

Walt Mueller and the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding have been studying American youth culture for decades – —and now you have access to everything this cultural analyst knows about teenagers, their world, and how you can interact with them in significant ways.

In Youth Culture 101 you’’ll discover more about teenage culture than you can imagine. Through Mueller’s in-depth research and observations, you’’ll better understand:

  • media and music that matters to teenagers
  • pressures they face
  • their struggles with substance abuse and depression
  • teenage faith
  • …and much more!

No youth worker should be without this resource. Use it to stay current with the changing teenage culture, train your youth ministry team, or equip parents to understand the world in which their kids live.

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